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Chairman's Desk

Each one of us has a vision to do something which could make a difference to the society in general. It is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education, that Rajmala vidyalaya was established in the year 2001,the aim being to deliver a wholesome and sound education not limited by academic curriculum.

It has been a matter of extreme pride and pleasure that our school has made high academic achievements. It is because of this that a school which started nine years ago as a junior school has with each passing year expanded such that today we have almost 1600 students pursuing their education with us. Students have excelled not only in academic but also in other extra-curricular activities. What we teach our students is not just the content of the text books, but the principle to deal with all situations in life with a positive attitude. Rajmala is not only a school, but a family too.

The credit for the success of Rajmala Vidyalaya goes to a large extent to our teachers,who have consistently demonstrated their commitment to impart values to students to improve their vision of life. I am also thankful to the unlimited well wishers of our school without whose blessings this task would not have been achieved. Not to forget the parents who have confidence in us to help their children grow into well educated individuals with sound values.

Our entire team is committed to the expectations of the parents who have put their faith in our organization.

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